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A narrative driven boss-rush adventure game with 4 playable characters, 18 multi-phased boss fights and a story that intertwines the main character's storylines.

Now with Co-op up to 4 players!

Towertale is a 2D, story-driven action game that has a heavy focus on boss battles. Fight your way up the elusive Tower and challenge the bosses of each level. Unveil the mystery that lies up in its peak. Play four different stories and unlock multiple endings. Join Lionel, Faindrel, Lord Snicklefritz and "Dark Echo" in their quest to get to the top!

The Tower is known to have been created by an ancient being. Legends say that whoever defeats all of the guardians and gets to the top will have the right to be granted the ultimate wish - "The ability to change one's fate". In the past 100 years, many have tried and never been heard from ever again. Until one day, four brave souls came forth and challenged their fate.

  • Fast-paced 2D boss battling action.
  • 4 Playable Characters, many different ways to play.
  • Co-op up to 4 players
  • 18 Fightable bosses designed with multiple phases.
  • 12 beautifully-crafted levels.
  • 25+ CGs that are used for the storyline.
  • 20+ Music tracks from bosses, characters and story themes.
  • Multiple story endings.
  • Arcade Mode for those who want to play the tower but not the tale!
  • Boss rush mode with leaderboards.
  • Freemode that enables you to fight the bosses at your own pace and difficulty.
  • Full controller support + rebindable controls.

Control four different characters and follow their stories. Learn their motivations on coming to the Tower. Each character shows a different perspective. The choices you make on one character may affect what will happen on the others. With a story that intertwines all of their fates, there can only be one who will claim the ultimate prize!

First prince and heir to the throne of Lionhead Kingdom. Having heard about the legend of "The Tower", Lionel set out on a quest to challenge his fate. 

Came from a forgotten civilization called "Ashelm". Enslaved by humans, she lived most of her childhood life in chains. Until one day was rescued by Alywyn the Red. A vigilante who fights for justice. She went to the Tower seeking power to rid the world of evil and end all wars.

A rabbit-folk from the Sect of Colors. He has mastered all forms of magic in each element. During the meeting with the four leaders, he has been tasked to investigate the tower as they have been sensing a source of malice around the area.

An unknown assassin who claims to be the "Son of Darkness". He likes to say catch phrases like "Get eaten by darkness" and thinks he's the best. His true intentions are unknown.

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Towertale_1.2_DEMO_Windows.zip 314 MB
Towertale_1.2_DEMO_Linux.zip 334 MB

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Just bought the game for Linux, but can't get it to actually start. System Monitor says it's running, but the game doesn't even boot up. Not sure where to go from here. Running the latest ver. of POP! OS.

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Fun to play in co-op, but not big on the singleplayer.  The difficulty is kind of all over the place and there's not much of a consistent difficulty curve - for example, me and the other player found one of the bosses near the end of the game to not be that difficult.

EDIT: I have changed my mind, this game is awful.


Already bought it on steam. And the game is just perfect! Love controls, combat system, art and story.

Spanish Review / Review en ESPAÑOL...

Buy it !!

Thanks for this great game!

Thank you for playing our game! If possible, please give it a review on steam too. It really helps us out a lot! :)

Spanish and hyper positive review already done in Steam ! :)

Omg just saw it! You rock! Thank you so much! :D

Hello, from the itch client on Windows the demo is proposed as an update for the v1.2_bindingsFix.

Deleted 2 years ago

No, I'm not talking about the game but about a configuration problem of your updates with the itch client. You set the demo as an update of the full game, which should not be.

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Heya, thanks for letting me know. Although I just checked the settings of the new demo builds and they're properly marked as demos. It may just be an error. If the full game was replaced with the demo, please reinstall the game.

I refuse to install this fake update so no problem. Maybe the full game is also marked as demo? Or it's an itch bug? You can test if you install the full game then check for update.

I tried to install the game on the itch client. It says that v1.2_bindingsFix is the latest. So it's probably a bug. Thank you for reporting.

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So fun

Neat! Glad you had fun! :D

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Are there any plans to update the game to allow Assist Mode for the Campaign? I'm gonna be honest, I've played two characters, and I cannot get past the second level. It'd be nice to have a way to finish the game.

Hello. You can actually use the assist in story mode. It is only disabled in arcade and boss-rush modes. :D

Where Do I get My Steam Key I Bought The Game And Played As Far As The Demo Lets Me Please HELP!!

Hello. You can play the full game here on itch. The bundle of racial justice doesn't include the steam key as stated in their info page:


Hey mate, your "Status" still says "In development" on Itch. If the game is done, you may want to change that.

Sorry for the late reply! I honestly didn't know about that. Thank you for informing us!

The game is great so far! did fain and lionel in nightmare.

Fain is super fun to play but there is an obnoxious bug where sometimes the roll is locked in place and doesn't make her move out of the way. A lot of time it's not too bad cause of I-frames but it killed me a few times. Especially relevant on the watcher and the golem because of their shockwaves and lasers.

I really love the boss design, they all feel very different, attack patterns are challenging but all feel fair, even those you go "bullshit" at first end up being pretty manageable once you know how to deal with them (except the random eye attack on the watcher, this one is still bullshit to me =p).

I played only two character so far but they also feel very different to play while still having enough similarity that what you learned from the previous character makes you better with the second.

Currently I'm redoing lionel story in novice to see what happens with other choices (especially wanting to abandon fain since I didn't do that the first time and seeing fain story it seems to be the canon choice), and I have two nitpicks. 1) Skipping a scene also skip choices apparently, I kinda wish it sent you to the next choice if there is one. 2) I think an icon in the scene selector for scenes where there are choices would be a nice QoL improvement if you want to try things out.

I also had a few issue where I softlocked the game when using the skip option which was obnoxious.

Thank you for playing the game and letting us know what you think!

You can get the other endings by going through the scenario selector then changing the choice you made with that area.

Hope you are able to 100% all of their stories, we worked really hard on it!

Also, sorry about the soft lock. Can you tell us where it happened so we can fixed it in the next patch?

I realize how I can get other endings, I just think having a small icone in the scene selector for places where you have choices would make it a bit easier ^^ but it's a small thing.

And if you reference me replaying in novice it's because I don't want to replay boss in nightmare for those story bits =p (also it's fun to stomp bosses that I had trouble with ^^)

Soft lock happened when I was trying to skip a scene, got stuck on an empty dialogue box and couldn't progress further. I had this happen multiple time with lionel with scenes before and after the slime king boss. Only happened on nightmare


I'd describe this game as Castle Crashers meets Dark Souls.
Fun little 2D scroller with nice graphics, but very hard to kill bosses (and the game is only bosses). You can choose between 4 different characters, each with their own backstory and goal!
If you like a challenge, then this game is for you! If you're like me, it is not and will only frustrate you.. 

Here is a video with my experience playing the game: 

Thank you for playing the game!

I like the eye catching graphics.

Thank you! :D


Snicklefritz main until I die.

Lord Snicklefritz is the best! :


really enjoyed it
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just played the first 2 bosses and i'm really enjoying the game! the animation seems ok, there was a delay in the jump attacks  when i was playing i'll put a video of it on wednesday but really great game.

Definitely getting the full game 


Thank you for playing! Buying the game here on itch.io will also include a steam key. Hope you will enjoy the full game on release! :D

Where Do Can I Find The Steam Key? Please Help!

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This game's pretty cool. Looking forward to the full game! Do you plan on releasing the full version here on itch? Or will it only be on Steam?


Thank you so much! We plan on releasing on both. 

Hi, really interesting looking game. Was thinking of doing a stream of the demo sometime soon, how long is the demo roughly? Thanks

Hello. The demo has around 2-4 hours of content overall. But most lets players only play with one character so that's around 20-45 mins per character playthrough.


ok thanks for your reply


Really enjoyed playing this! Combat felt great and the assist options are an awesome addition. I'm happy to see from the screenshots and bits at the end of the demo that there will be bosses of different styles and some full frame cut scenes. I don't know if it's possible at this point in development, but it might be cool for a boss's appearance to change in each stage of the fight instead of only changing their attack. Even if it's a minor change like their color, it would make the fight feel even more dynamic. Good job and good luck on release!

Hello! Thank you for playing our demo! We glad you liked the game! We're sorry about what happened on the last part. If possible, may we know what are the specs of the machine you are playing it with? Also we appreciate the feedback and we will see what we can do about it. :D

do you plan to add more characters?

Heya, probably not. The game was only planned to have 4 main characters. But after this game we are making a new game with even more cooler characters. So stay tuned!

This game is really good, i like concept and story. But can the attacking mechanic be changed a little bit like speed attacking based on how fast you click ? I find it quite uncomfortable when the attack doesn't sync with my mouse click (or maybe upgradable atk speed (?) ). That's not a problem if it isn't possible.

Anyway, can't wait for the full release :D

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Thank you for playing! The attack speeds are based off the animations, so changing them might be a bit complicated. Also we've balanced the bosses around the amount of damage the player can do so we will have to re-balance everything if that's the case. I hope that will not be too much of a problem. 

Excuse me for asking, but will his game be free? Totally understandable if it isn't.

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Hello! The demo is free. You can download and play it right now.! The full game will be paid.

We are planning to do a free giveaway soon on twitter. Give us a follow so you will be updated. Or join our discord server, we may plan to do some beta testing that you guys could participate in.

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You can totally cheese the slime boss with the archer girl by ducking and firing regular shots. Never got hit even once ( playing on nightmare, too ) \

\Oh, and the cutscenes are way too slow. An option to skip em entirely would be appreciated, even speeding them up was boring


Hello, thank you for trying out the demo! These guys on the demo are just the intro bosses of the game. The Slime King is designed to be cheesed as a subtle tutorial on how crouching restores your stamina faster. (rip slime king you will forever be cheesed)

The skip cutscenes, we will definitely add that to the final build. Thank you for your input!


ah, I see. all in all,m you can cheese most fights with archer girl by ducking close, firing shots, and rolling to the other side of the enemy ^^

I kinda figured these were just entry level bosses, but wanted to let you know anyhow.

No problem! While she has her range, she definitely has less hp than the others. The further bosses are harder to cheese since they are much faster and have more move sets. There will be 17 bosses on the final game! You should try out the other characters too! I suggest "Dark Echo"!

he's too edgy for me x3

I usually stick with girl chars in games anyways, even if they're weaker. 


I really wasn't sure what to expect, but this is really impressive! While the storytelling definitely weighs down the overall pacing of the game, the artwork is gorgeous and the characters are really fun! Looking forward to testing out the other characters!


Heya thanks for trying out our game! Yup, you definitely need to test the other characters too! They all have different perspectives, backstories and reasons for coming to the tower. Though the demo only shows the intro of the characters, the full game will show a whole lot more. There are also 17 fightable bosses on the full game and it gets harder the more high you go!

Hello, we just want you to know that we updated the demo for our game. Numerous bug fixes + Reworked Slime King Boss!