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I'd describe this game as Castle Crashers meets Dark Souls.
Fun little 2D scroller with nice graphics, but very hard to kill bosses (and the game is only bosses). You can choose between 4 different characters, each with their own backstory and goal!
If you like a challenge, then this game is for you! If you're like me, it is not and will only frustrate you.. 

Here is a video with my experience playing the game: 

Thank you for playing the game!

I like the eye catching graphics.

Thank you! :D


Snicklefritz main until I die.

Lord Snicklefritz is the best! :


really enjoyed it
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just played the first 2 bosses and i'm really enjoying the game! the animation seems ok, there was a delay in the jump attacks  when i was playing i'll put a video of it on wednesday but really great game.

Definitely getting the full game 

Thank you for playing! Buying the game here on will also include a steam key. Hope you will enjoy the full game on release! :D

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This game's pretty cool. Looking forward to the full game! Do you plan on releasing the full version here on itch? Or will it only be on Steam?

Thank you so much! We plan on releasing on both. 

Hi, really interesting looking game. Was thinking of doing a stream of the demo sometime soon, how long is the demo roughly? Thanks

Hello. The demo has around 2-4 hours of content overall. But most lets players only play with one character so that's around 20-45 mins per character playthrough.

ok thanks for your reply


Really enjoyed playing this! Combat felt great and the assist options are an awesome addition. I'm happy to see from the screenshots and bits at the end of the demo that there will be bosses of different styles and some full frame cut scenes. I don't know if it's possible at this point in development, but it might be cool for a boss's appearance to change in each stage of the fight instead of only changing their attack. Even if it's a minor change like their color, it would make the fight feel even more dynamic. Good job and good luck on release!

Hello! Thank you for playing our demo! We glad you liked the game! We're sorry about what happened on the last part. If possible, may we know what are the specs of the machine you are playing it with? Also we appreciate the feedback and we will see what we can do about it. :D

do you plan to add more characters?

Heya, probably not. The game was only planned to have 4 main characters. But after this game we are making a new game with even more cooler characters. So stay tuned!

This game is really good, i like concept and story. But can the attacking mechanic be changed a little bit like speed attacking based on how fast you click ? I find it quite uncomfortable when the attack doesn't sync with my mouse click (or maybe upgradable atk speed (?) ). That's not a problem if it isn't possible.

Anyway, can't wait for the full release :D

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Thank you for playing! The attack speeds are based off the animations, so changing them might be a bit complicated. Also we've balanced the bosses around the amount of damage the player can do so we will have to re-balance everything if that's the case. I hope that will not be too much of a problem. 

Excuse me for asking, but will his game be free? Totally understandable if it isn't.

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Hello! The demo is free. You can download and play it right now.! The full game will be paid.

We are planning to do a free giveaway soon on twitter. Give us a follow so you will be updated. Or join our discord server, we may plan to do some beta testing that you guys could participate in.

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You can totally cheese the slime boss with the archer girl by ducking and firing regular shots. Never got hit even once ( playing on nightmare, too ) \

\Oh, and the cutscenes are way too slow. An option to skip em entirely would be appreciated, even speeding them up was boring


Hello, thank you for trying out the demo! These guys on the demo are just the intro bosses of the game. The Slime King is designed to be cheesed as a subtle tutorial on how crouching restores your stamina faster. (rip slime king you will forever be cheesed)

The skip cutscenes, we will definitely add that to the final build. Thank you for your input!


ah, I see. all in all,m you can cheese most fights with archer girl by ducking close, firing shots, and rolling to the other side of the enemy ^^

I kinda figured these were just entry level bosses, but wanted to let you know anyhow.

No problem! While she has her range, she definitely has less hp than the others. The further bosses are harder to cheese since they are much faster and have more move sets. There will be 17 bosses on the final game! You should try out the other characters too! I suggest "Dark Echo"!

he's too edgy for me x3

I usually stick with girl chars in games anyways, even if they're weaker. 


I really wasn't sure what to expect, but this is really impressive! While the storytelling definitely weighs down the overall pacing of the game, the artwork is gorgeous and the characters are really fun! Looking forward to testing out the other characters!


Heya thanks for trying out our game! Yup, you definitely need to test the other characters too! They all have different perspectives, backstories and reasons for coming to the tower. Though the demo only shows the intro of the characters, the full game will show a whole lot more. There are also 17 fightable bosses on the full game and it gets harder the more high you go!

Hello, we just want you to know that we updated the demo for our game. Numerous bug fixes + Reworked Slime King Boss!