Towertale Demo Updated to v1.2.5 - More bug fixes and changes

We addressed more issues from the demo. Changes can be seen below.

Demo v 1.2.5 Fixes:

- Changed Minotaur hitboxes to prevent cheesing.
- Fixed unable to skip Intro after skipping once.
- Changed Tutorial to appear after intro + backstory scenes rather than Tutorial first.
- Changed flavor text for difficulty selection.
- Changed a few dialogues on snicklefritz intro (Tower Entrance Scene)
- Fixed Crashing on tutorial issue on v1.2
- Buffed Minotaur Charge. You can now get hit behind him when he's charging.
- Increased Lionel's projectile mana cost.
- Added more effects to minotaur smash attacks

Find any more bugs? Report it on our discord:

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Jun 13, 2019

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